Adrianus has been examining the way things work on the Internet for almost 30 years. Being a hacker to his most very core, he employed anything from programming ‘alternatives for intended operational use’ to becoming an entrepreneur and pioneer, in that he set up firsts in web hosting, ISP’s in Africa and large scale ISP’s in Europe, just for the sake of quenching his thirst for knowledge.

Nowadays he likes to divide his time between educational efforts and taking on cutting edge challenges.

Currently he works, amongst others, at RedSocks B.V. as Security Evangelist and scientist in the development of the malicious threat detection systems.


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Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.


Security Evangelist

06 / 2014



12 / 2010

Adrianus Warmenhoven

Adrianus Warmenhoven - ZZP/Hired gun/Consultant in security, large scaling/teacher for higher ed.

01 / 2009 06 / 2012

Uploaded TV


01 / 2008 12 / 2008


Senior Consultant

04 / 2001 11 / 2008

XLAB Holding B.V.


04 / 2001 11 / 2008

XLNT Software B.V.


2006 12 / 2007


Core developer/Consultant

03 / 2003 12 / 2004

Stichting Amsterdam Kennisstad Cyburg


2003 2004


Manager Operations

10 / 1993 04 / 1996

One Good Solution


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Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Patrick Oonk BSDA

was a consultant or contractor to Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

Adrianus a very knowledgeble guy who is always on the bleeding edge of technology. Besides that, he's a nice guy too!

Dennis Roos

worked with Adrianus at Uploaded TV

Over the years I've worked with adrianus at various companies. In all these years he always came up with new ways to improve companies, or connect them to upcom ... Read more

Andres van Vugt

managed Adrianus at Roxen

Adrianus is one of the most versatile people I have ever met. Nothing in the world of ICT is new or strange to him. He's an expert on every front and every leve ... Read more

Arikh Akher

reported to Adrianus at Uploaded TV

What to write about a man who became so influential in my life. When he came here first thing came in my mind is may be this is the person who can change my lif ... Read more

Subhodip Das

worked directly with Adrianus at Uploaded TV

Working with A.W is a great experience to me, he is not only a good person but also a knowledgeable person. His kind advice help me lot to overcome problems.

Bill Crompton

was with another company when working with Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

I've known Adrianus since he was "The Man" at Multi Access, a subsidiary if the ING banking group, which later under his supervision, became "Freeler", one of t ... Read more

Pim Lorjé #

reported to Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

Adrianus is de sturende kracht geweest achter mijn Internet carriere. Hij heeft me laten zien wat ik kan en me op ene hoger plan gezet.

Anshuman Mondal

reported to Adrianus at Uploaded TV

Adrianus is a great man with knowledge in every direction. Any kind of people can be his friend very quickly. I directly worked under his supervision. With his ... Read more

Tom van Krogten

was with another company when working with Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

Thank god that I met Adrianus in my life. I met him while we were living a student flat. Soon I found out that this guy isn't only very humouristic and humanic. ... Read more

Judhisthira Sahoo

worked indirectly for Adrianus at Uploaded TV

Hi is box of IT knowledge.i just got few particle from him.He is very helpful and cool minded while working.Very co-operate on the project work.As a senior i li ... Read more

Daniël Crompton

reported to Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

It was fantastic to work with Adrianus; he has been a mentor to me and others. He's also shown me that the sky is the limit. It's not for nothing that his email ... Read more

Marijn Meijles

reported to Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

Adrianus is one of the people who 'gets' it. Managing IT staff is not easy because as knowledge workers they can be better managed by giving them more freedom a ... Read more

Ferri Somogyi

was Adrianus's client

Mr. Warmenhoven had build a website and basically my company XSPerformance Casting. We were one of the two companies in the country that used real audio and vid ... Read more

Martijn Prummel

worked directly with Adrianus at XLAB Holding B.V

I work together with Adrianus as a stake holder in XLAB Holding B.V. This is the company that holds all the intellectual property rights etc.

Marcel Kaatman

worked directly with Adrianus at XLNT Software B.V

I could write half a book to recommend Adrianus, but will instead simply say that I really do think the world of him and respect him greatly. Always a pleasure ... Read more

Dennis Roos

worked directly with Adrianus at XLNT Software B.V

Adrianus is one of the few people that understands techniques, people and social ascpects. He takes on challenges head on and overcomes most, if not all, obstac ... Read more

Desirée Kolman

was with another company when working with Adrianus at Stichting Amsterdam Kennisstad Cyburg

We discussed several projects he was leading, at the time. Adrianus is a very dedicated person. He is into what he is doing at that exact moment, not diversed b ... Read more

Michiel van Reenen

worked with Adrianus at One Good Solution

You may not agree with this man. But if you don't at least listen, it WILL be to your detriment.

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